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More than a year ago, Charlene Buhayang found herself in a conundrum: the financial campaign she was a part of was ending. She and her teammates were being redeployed to another campaign, and the idea of starting over again filled her with dread. Learning new processes, adjusting to new supervisors and teammates – she wasn’t sure if she would succeed at them.

But Charlene was nothing if not a hard worker – she threw herself into work, determined to replicate in the current campaign the success she had in the previous one, all the while keeping her ears open to new lessons. A year after, she hasn’t only settled in the new campaign, she has also been recognized as best voice agent for the quarter via the CXperts Challenge!

We recently caught up with the 26-year-old from Pangasinan to ask her how she did it, among other topics.

1. What’s the best thing about being a Sitel kabarkada?

Sitel is one of the most reputable companies in the BPO industry and I love how it listens to feedback and suggestions from everyone across the organization. There’s still a lot to address but the fact that Sitel tries to get everyone’s opinion before making decisions is a good enough step already.

2. Can you tell us about a particularly challenging situation you had to deal with in Sitel? How did you overcome it?

The most challenging situation I’ve experienced is when I was redeployed to another campaign. I used to be a part of a financial campaign for three years. So, when the news came out that this campaign, which was handled by Sitel for 10 years, had reached its sunset, it scared me. I was so afraid of having to start over again – from applying to another campaign to making new friends.

More than a year after the redeployment, here I am. I have accustomed myself to the new campaign, and I’ve also built new relationships. As I look back, I realize that all the fears I had then were all just in my head. I had to unlearn a lot of things to be able to excel at the campaign I am currently a part of.

Changes like these will never be easy but one thing that has made me push through is my belief that I can do whatever I set my mind into. Lots of exciting things will still happen, opportunities and goals to be unlocked.

3. Can you share with us a life lesson you’ve learned in Sitel?

One of the things I have learned is knowing that I am more than the work that I do. The job is wonderful but it can be sometimes demanding. I strive to excel at work and how I perform has become a part of my self-esteem. That is why sometimes, when I don’t achieve my work goals, it frustrates me a lot. There is nothing wrong with putting your best foot forward but you must never forget to keep things balanced.  If you sometimes fail, it doesn’t make you less of a person.

4. Use this space to give shout-outs to three people (They could be either from Sitel or outside). Who are they and why are you picking them?

Huh. It is hard to name just three as I’ve been part of Sitel for five years already and each people I have met has left a great impact on me.

Generally, I would like to thank all my past and present coaches, managers, friends, and teammates. I am grateful for everything they have shared with me, especially the lessons I learned from them through our daily mundane conversations and actual training. To be led —  and in a few instances, my weaknesses tolerated —  by these astonishing people makes the job a lot  more enjoyable.

5. If you could change one thing in Sitel (e.g. policy), what would that be?

This is more of a suggestion, but I think it would be better if associates could get vitamins easier, like before. Now, you need a prescription to request vitamins. Most cases of requests are not approved as the vitamins are not covered by the existing terms.

6. If not a BPO professional, what would have been your job?

I want to be a librarian. Oh, to be surrounded by books is a great joy.

7. Who is history’s most underrated hero for you? Why this hero?

Gliceria Marella-Villavicencio. Her name isn’t often mentioned often in history classes but I remember coming across an article about her. Along with her husband, she helped anti-Spain revolutionaries by contributing money to the revolutionary newspaper, La Solidaridad. It may look simple but they risked their lives for the revolution’s message to be known by everyone, because for her, everything is worth risking for freedom — a heroic act indeed.

8. If you would have a superpower, what would it be?

I would like to be able to see other people’s memories. As an empath, I am a keen observer. Each person has patterns in his or her behavior, so it would be pretty interesting for me to understand people through their memories. Peculiar and invasive as it sounds, but I have this yearning to better understand how and why people act like they do.

9. Pretend you’re the president of the Philippines and it’s not a pandemic. What would you do on your Day 1?

As a president, on my first day, I would be reviewing all the platforms I laid during the election. That way, I would have a big picture of the things that need to be done during my term. I would make sure to accomplish what was expected of me, and be responsible for the lives of everyone, leaving no one out behind. The presidency is a great responsibility. I would not betray the millions of Filipinos who voted for me by keeping my promises.

10. What/who inspires you?

Myself. It sounds arrogant but I owe it to myself to fully believe in me. I want to become better every day, in all aspects of life, so whenever I look back, reminiscing past setbacks and triumphs, I will always be amazed at how much I have accomplished. My struggles and victories inspire me to always move forward, to do better, and to never compare myself with others.

About the CXperts Challenge:

A CXpert is a title given by Sitel to recognize its best customer service representatives or someone who consistently goes above and beyond – and truly makes an emotional connection within their customer contacts.

The criteria for choosing the winner are the following:

  • Conversation sounds genuine, sincere, helpful, engaging, not scripted
  • Builds trust with the member by taking ownership of the interaction and resolution
  • Sincerely engages with our client’s members
  • Makes an emotional connection with member thru personal experience
  • Goes beyond the member’s expectations
  • The member feels valued, respected, and special

The selection process involves call listening* of the entries submitted by the cluster/site’s Quality Team. Then, the cluster decides on their official nomination to be forwarded to the Philippine Leadership Team (PLT)  who will then vote to choose the country’s CXperts winner.

*Client Branding and PCI information was cleared from the entries




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