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“I felt so little.”

This is how Sheila Valerio describes herself when she applied for a customer service associate position at Sitel Baguio. She was comparing herself with the other applicants, who mostly had college diplomas or college-level education.  Coming from a poor family with a sick father to take care of, Sheila had to forego college and find a job right after high school graduation. This same desire to provide a better life for her family was what drove her to try her luck at the BPO company, despite the nagging self-doubts.

Now, two years after, Sheila, 25, has been hailed the fourth-quarter and overall winner of the CXperts Challenge for 2020. The CXperts Challenge is a recognition given to Sitel associates with the best calls, with one associate selected per quarter.

As the overall winner, Sheila bested the previous quarters’ winners making her the ultimate best out of Sitel Philippines’ 22,000-strong associates.

What happened? How did an insecure neophyte manage to become Sitel’s top associate?

The altruistic associate

“It’s been a roller coaster ride,” says Sheila of her stay in the company. “There have been a lot of ups and downs, challenges and failures.”

Sheila credits a number of things that help her rise above the rigors of the job. Foremost among them is the habit of setting goals and striving to achieve them every day. The support coming from her team leader and teammates is also valuable.

In the CXperts Challenge nomination, Cliff Van Segovia, Sheila’s coach, describes the Baguio native as someone who takes lessons to heart. “She keeps improving, applying all the good practices she learned during the coaching sessions,” Segovia said.

“As a Sitel associate, I get to meet friends who treat me like family,” she said. “Being a Sitel associate is my proudest achievement.”

But what Sheila believes allows her to deliver great work and eventually led her to win the CXperts Challenge is a personality trait: her “altruism”, which she considers her strength and sometimes, her weakness.

In life, being altruistic means putting the good of others before your own. In customer service, this translates to understanding your customers’ needs, which requires the associate’s undivided attention and empathy. “I make sure that they [customers] feel valued,” Sheila says.

In the CXperts Challenge, among the criteria for judging calls is the emotional connection the associate makes with the customer. The contest also looks for calls where the customer “feels valued, respected and special.”

During her application, Sheila also didn’t expect she would win the CXperts Challenge. “There were so many other great associates that I didn’t think I had a shot,” she said.

A far cry from the girl who was embarrassed by her background, Sheila now thinks her previous jobs prepared her for the customer service profession. Before joining Sitel, Sheila was a sales ambassador; then an attendant at an Internet café, where she honed her computer skills.

Her CXperts victory has given Sheila a brighter perspective on life. “Five years from now, I see myself still working for Sitel, probably in a higher position,” Sheila said. “Little” no longer fits Sheila – not her confidence, her dreams, nor the $1,000 cash prize that came with the CXPerts title.





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