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In Sitel, people are given opportunities to start over. Many associates had other careers before Sitel, and some would surprise you with how distant their original fields are to customer service or business process outsourcing. Romano Robregado is one such kabarkada. For 16 years, he was working overseas in Brunei as an electronics engineer, until he returned to the Philippines to have more time with his family. Attracted by the competitive salary and comprehensive benefits Sitel was offering, he decided to give customer service a try.

That decision has paid off. Recently, Romano was hailed as best chat agent via the CXperts Challenge, Sitel’s quarterly award for outstanding agents. But the road to CXperts victory anything but easy. Here, Romano breaks down what it takes to bring home the coveted award among Sitel associates, as well as the philosophies and people that help him make excellence a daily habit.

1. What’s the best thing about being a Sitel kabarkada? When I left my previous job in Brunei and returned to my family in the Philippines, I thought of trying it in the BPO industry. BPO jobs were at the top of many job websites and Sitel was one of the most popular companies. What made me decide to join Sitel were the competitive salary, career growth, financial stability and impressive benefits, which were more than I could ask for as someone who had no experience with customer and technical support for printers.

2. Can you tell us about a particularly challenging situation you had to deal with in Sitel? How did you overcome it? The diversity of people working in Sitel is great. There is a healthy competition in our team. When everyone is doing well, you do not want to be left behind. I used to be anxious about my performance. But after lots of hard work, a few months of fighting demons, constant reminders from my coach and through my teammates’ undying support, I became more confident. I was even recognized for my efforts.

3. Can you share with us a life lesson you’ve learned in Sitel? “Winners never quit, and quitters never win,” by Vince Lombardi. It has been more than a year since the pandemic started and still I am here. You always have the choice to quit your job anytime but I choose to stay and adapt with the changes.

4. Use this space to give shout-outs to three people (They could be either from Sitel or outside). Who are they and why are you picking them? Shout-out to Sir Dexter Del Agua for giving me the opportunity to work here. Next, Coach Anthony Babista, who is my first mentor. Last, Coach Toni Ros for helping me get to the top.

5. If you could change one thing in Sitel (e.g. policy), what would that be? Cannot think of any.

6. If not a BPO professional, what would have been your job? I would have been an electronics engineer, my first career, or back in the university for higher studies

7. Who is history’s most underrated hero for you? Why this hero? Former President Marcos. I believe very little good is written about him.

8. If you would have a superpower, what would it be? I would like to have Hancock’s powers.

9. Pretend you’re the president of the Philippines and it’s not a pandemic. What would you do on your Day 1? Remove age limit, physical appearance and educational attainment as work qualifications. Good character, diligence and will to learn should be the only things employers should look for in applicants.

About the CXperts Challenge:

A CXpert is a title given by Sitel to recognize its best customer service representatives or someone who consistently goes above and beyond – and truly makes an emotional connection within their customer contacts.

The criteria for choosing the winner are the following:

  • Conversation sounds genuine, sincere, helpful, engaging, not scripted
  • Builds trust with the member by taking ownership of the interaction and resolution
  • Sincerely engages with our client’s members
  • Makes an emotional connection with member thru personal experience
  • Goes beyond the member’s expectations
  • The member feels valued, respected, and special

The selection process involves call listening* of the entries submitted by the cluster/site’s Quality Team. Then, the cluster decides on their official nomination to be forwarded to the Philippine Leadership Team (PLT)  who will then vote to choose the country’s CXperts winner.

*Client Branding and PCI information was cleared from the entries



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