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Women leaders from the global Sitel share their tips on career success
(Photo from L-R: Chie Fortuna, VP for Operations; Eden Gutierrez, VP for Operations – Palawan; Fatima Tigas, Director for Strategic People Programs)

Sitel highlights women in the workplace with a month-long celebration of International Women’s Day. Throughout March, associates can expect a variety of programs and events geared towards and featuring women including a video series entitled “I am a Woman of SitelPH”, Leadership Lessons with Sitel Women, Women’s Month E-Bulletins, Women’s Health Webinars, and the launch of WeLead – a Sitel Women Employee Resource Group.  With the launch of WeLead, women associates will now have a place to talk, share best practices, promote mentoring opportunities and more.

To learn more about being a woman in Sitel, three Sitel women leaders share their thoughts on what it’s like being a woman leader in Sitel, and how other women can achieve success in the workplace.

Women in Sitel

Diversity and Inclusivity have always been a keen focus at Sitel and the numbers in the organization reflect it. Women and men are equally represented across all aspects of the business and hold roughly the same percentage of leadership positions. They also both enjoy similar development, growth, and promotion opportunities.

“Sitel has made me feel empowered,” shared Chie Fortuna, Vice-President Operations, Sitel Philippines. “The company has always advocated leadership equality and they walk the talk. I’m forever grateful for the trust and experience that Sitel has given me.”

And the culture of equality isn’t just in the numbers either. Sitel goes beyond just equal representation in terms of headcount and promotions.

“I appreciate that Sitel has always provided a level playing field for all,” said Fatima Tigas, Director for Strategic People Programs, Sitel Philippines. “The level of support we get from the organization is incredible and our women leaders aren’t just relegated to leadership posts in departments traditionally held by women. They are a big part of Sitel’s core operations. Many of our operationally-demanding units are managed by women.”

Eden Gutierrez, Vice-President for Operations, Sitel Princesa adds, “Being a woman at Sitel is an honor because of how the organization respects and supports us. I feel they value my strengths as a female leader. I am allowed to be both gentle and strong in the work environment.”

The global BPO appreciates the unique value that women collectively and individually bring to the organization. It not only provides growth and development to women across all levels of the business but also organizes opportunities for them to work together and collaborate.

With the launch of the Sitel Women Employee Resource Group, the women at Sitel will have a place to talk, share best practices, promote mentoring opportunities, and more.

Passion, Trust, and Purpose

Having a nurturing and inclusive environment is a vital component to success but it isn’t the only factor. While the formula for success doesn’t change radically based on gender, there are still important things for women to remember when building a career.

“Hard work and perseverance are the keys to success,” explains Gutierrez. “Couple this with a solid plan, and you are sure to be able to achieve your dreams. Whatever you do, you must do it bravely and never hold back. You’ll be surprised how far you can go.”

And while passion will propel you forward, this must also go hand-in-hand with partnership and trust. “At Sitel, we work together as one big Sitel Barkada,” said Fortuna. “I’ve always believed that to be a good leader, you also have to be a good follower and trust your teammates. If you want to be a successful leader, you must also make your team successful. Respect everyone around, celebrate wins, and learn from your mistakes. Always enjoy every learning experience.”

For Tigas, one of the most enjoyable and educational experiences and where she finds purpose is with the partnerships she creates with the academe and local government units for Sitel and Sitel Academy.

“One of my biggest blessings as a woman leader in Sitel is representing the company in the community and our collaborations with colleges and LGUs,” she explains. “These partnerships provide opportunities to more Filipino talents. I know this will positively impact the communities where we live and work and help shape the future of so many Filipinos.”



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