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Kenny delos Reyes, CXperts Challenge  Q3 Winner

When you’re a customer service associate, you’re expected to be ready to talk for as long as it takes to resolve the customer’s concern. But you also need to be straightforward enough to make the best use of your and the customer’s time.

Kenny delos Reyes, a 24-year-old customer associate from Sitel Eton, admits that she has been challenged in this area. An agent at a radio streaming service account, she describes herself to be “chatty”, and she and her coach have talked a few times about this.

As much as she strives to keep calls with customers direct to the point, Kenny still believes that it was her friendly, casual style that won her the CXperts Challenge for the third quarter. “I can say my strength and weakness are the same,” she says. “[My chattiness] actually helps me to have a connection with the customer. I am able to get their trust and I know how to keep them, [which is important since] I’m with retentions. ”

The CXperts Challenge is a recognition given to Sitel’s best associates every quarter.  Each account picks the best call from its associates, submits it to the cluster, which then endorses its nominee to Sitel’s leadership team for evaluation.

Among the criteria for evaluating calls is fulfilling the customer’s emotional need – which can be difficult even for someone like Kenny who has been in the profession for four years already. “It’s indeed a struggle to communicate if customers are frustrated,” she says.

Kenny’s approach is similar to that of a therapist or counselor. “What I do, is to keep in mind that [customers] have their own hassles, problems, or errands as well so I shouldn’t take it personally. The key to have a good connection with your customers is to let them vent first and, on our part, listen carefully. Afterwards, let them feel that we truly understand where they are coming from and the situation itself. [Put] ourselves in their shoes. Surely, you will [find a common ground] and that’s how we can resolve the issue.”

Irate customer’s aside, Kenny says she “naturally” loves conversations with customers.

Given her tendency to talk more than needed, Kenny didn’t expect to win the challenge. Nevertheless, she says that the recognition has motivated her to exceed her current performance. She also acknowledges the team’s quality analysts and coaches’ role in this achievement.

Winning the CXperts Challenge has boosted not only her confidence at work but at other aspects of Kenny’s life, too. When not helping customers at Sitel, Kenny is running a small business, selling clothes online. “I [want to show that] cheap dresses can still look classy and presentable,” says Kenny. Five years from now, she sees herself opening her own clothing store. With her insight on customer behavior, her fashion business is sure to be en vogue.

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