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COVID-19 Safety Protocols in the Workplace

1. Answer the Daily Health Check before your shift starts. – No Health Check – No Entry. If you are feeling unwell, please do not attempt to go to the site, inform your immediate supervisor of your condition.
2. No face mask and face shield, no entry. This also applies inside shuttles.
3. Wear face shields and face masks even when interacting with colleagues, i.e. during team huddles and meetings.
4. Observe social distancing. Follow the stickers and directional signs mounted on entrances, elevators, hallways, etc.
5. Avoid mass gatherings. Virtual meetings should be preferred.
6. Minimize unnecessary conversations.
7. No sharing of headsets.
8. Frequently wash or sanitize your hands.
9. Follow prescribed capacity for enclosed spaces such as elevators, huddle rooms, etc.
10. Please ensure that your contact details, i.e. mobile number, address, and email are updated in SuccessFactors (
11. Check on your kabarkadas and help protect each other If you know someone in the office who is feeling unwell, please report it to your immediate supervisor.

Let's protect each other from COVID-19 by following these protocols

* Unavoidable in-person meeting should be short, in a large meeting room where people can sit at least 2 meters apart

Note: Depending on the gravity, violators of these rules may be changed with the insubordination and serious misconduct case and may be penalized up to and including dismissal, as stated in the Code of Conduct, Act Against Conduct and Behavior – insubordination and Labor Code Art. 297 – Just Cause.

Read full advisory on Associate Health and Wellness in line with COVID-19 on Barkada MaxConnect:

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