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The new and improved iCON Chat Bot is now live!

Sitel’s Barkada Referral Program is now easier and faster! You can now refer applicants through our newest digital Kabarkada—SAMI!

SAMI or Sitel Automated Messaging Intelligence is the newest iCON Referral Chat Bot.

The iCON Barkada Referral Program is a tool used by our Sitel Barkada in referring their friends and family to be part of Sitel. With everything going digital, Sitel found a way to make the barkada referral experience better and much more fun.

Make your referrals as easy as chatting with a friend. Here is how you can meet SAMI:


  1. Visit the PH iCON Barkada Chat Bot:
  2. Click on SAMI – iCON Chat Bot on the Lower Right Panel.


  1. Click on Refer an Applicant.

  1. Simply provide your Full Name, Account/Program, Employee ID, Site (from selection list), and Email Address.


  1. Once you entered your employee information, confirm your details based on the summary showed by SAMI.  You may choose to accept to continue or start over:


  1. If you select to continue, simply enter the details of your candidate referral by providing his/her referral information: Name, Position (Agent or Non-Agent), Mobile Number (11 digits starting with 09 required), Email Address.
  1. Once you have completed entering the details of your referral, a summary will be displayed, you may opt to confirm or restart:

  1. Once confirmed, a summary of the candidate referral details will be displayed:




  1. Simply select Status of Referrals

  1. Enter your Employee ID & Email Address

  1. SAMI will confirm your employee information and provide all your referrals.

  1. Simply click on the candidate referral name and the status will be displayed:


You can now start referring with SAMI! For a complete video guide, click on the clip below to know more. Happy referring, Kabarkada!


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