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Michelle finds her zen at a beautiful spot with the pine trees

“Life truly begins at 40,” said Michelle Sandaga, Coach from Sitel Baguio. When she reached this age, she has joined SitelFit and became more conscious about her health.  “Since then, simple healthy habits have become the foundation of my life. I start my day with a few minutes of meditation, thinking of happy thoughts to calm my mind. Then I stretch and do yoga. Afterwards, I go on a 30-minute walk with my dog and buy us some healthy breakfast. Going to work, I walk my way to the jeepney station instead of taking a tricycle ride,” Sandaga recalled.

She makes it a point to walk at least 8,000 steps a day and track her steps using the United Heroes app. During her time-offs, if the weather is good, she rides her bike and go to some cool places in Baguio like the EcoPark, Diplomat Hotel, and Lourdes Grotto. To others who also want to live healthy, she has an advice, “Start small! Making small but meaningful changes is easy. But these changes will eventually become lifelong good habits.”


Jener shares his fitness “Before and After” photo

Jener Tumitit, Product Specialist in Sitel Baguio, described his lifestyle before as “unhealthy”. He said he indulges in alcohol and unhealthy food as his way of destressing after a challenging day. “As expected, I was often sick,” he recalled.

In his previous campaign, his manager introduced the SitelFit United Heroes app to him and his team members. “At first, my participation in SitelFit was mere compliance. Then I found myself being motivated by the points I collected to engage in different activities and change my lifestyle. I saw that my regular jogging and playing badminton, my favorite sport, generated more points. I also became more conscious about my weight, posture, and diet,” he said.

“SitelFit creates thrill and excitement. The challenges and activities encourage me to beat my records. Playing badminton gives me an opportunity to meet new people who share the same passion for health and fitness and work-life balance.”

Being bullied growing up because of her weight, Macky decided to venture into taekwondo.

Macky Gomez, a Coach from Sitel Palawan, grew up being bullied because she was overweight. She then decides to engage in sports, particularly taekwondo.

“I got serious about it during high school, where I joined regional and national competitions until I attained my second dan black belt in Australia,” Gomez said.

“Unfortunately, fitness took a backseat when I started working in the hospitality industry. The long hours and the demanding workload made it hard for me to maintain a fitness regimen.  After 12 years, I was compelled by the pandemic to leave the industry and change careers,” she continues.

Now, she is happy that she has found a company that allows her to continue her fitness journey. “SitelFit, Sitel’s fitness program, motivates me to stay in shape and keep a work-life balance. I hope everyone in my account joins SitelFit and become as happy and healthy as  I am.”


Jeffrey Jerome Lusong tells his story on how he started his cycling journey and decided to get fit.

“Four years ago, I had a difficult time controlling my weight due to my lifestyle choices.  Then I joined Sitel, where living healthy is strongly encouraged. I took up cycling and started eating healthy. Since then, I have been able to bring down my weight from 125kg to 89 kg, reduce my waistline from 44 inches to 34 inches, and go down from size 5XL to XL. Looking at my old photos now, it feels like I am looking at a stranger. SitelFit has inspired me to strive not only for physical fitness but also for an overall positive outlook in life,” shared Jeffrey Jerome Lusong, a kabarkada from Sitel OJV-Technopoint site.

SitelFit is a health and wellness program where it encourages Sitel associates to make healthier choices for a happier body and mind by making #OneSmallChange through various activities. Its mission is to give a holistic approach to health and well-being.

The program aims more than staying active, it’s about overall wellness through making healthy choices. When associates join SitelFit, they join a community that will encourage them in their fitness journey. SitelFit helps everyone to be their best.

For the month of July, SitelFit members across the globe are encouraged to join the Step Forward, Give Back Challenge. The challenge’s goal is to gain points through exercising and add more users in the SitelFit United Heroes application. For every goal, a corresponding donation will be given to World Learning, an organization that aims to empower individuals, communities and institutions through education, sustainable development, and exchange programs.



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