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Dear Sitel Barkada,

Happy New Year!

I really hope that you were able to Rest, Recharge and Reset during the holiday break. I also hope that you were able to travel back to your hometown and be with your family for the first time after many months. May this chance of being reunited with them lift your hearts and reenergize you for the year ahead.

Then again, I also expect some of us to reply in the negative. As much as we celebrate kabarkadas who rise above the challenges of the pandemic, we also feel for those whose fate aren’t as fortunate – for those who weren’t able to celebrate the holidays with their families, and for those who lost either their loved ones or their own lives to COVID-19. To them, I offer my deepest sympathies.

To every member of our Sitel Barkada, regardless of how your holiday break went down, I want to share this Filipino phrase I learned during this pandemic: Kapit lang or Just hold on.

Kapit lang because help is underway. As I write this, at least three COVID-19 vaccines have been approved and are now being used in many countries. Meanwhile, the Philippine government is currently negotiating with the manufacturers of these vaccines. The future isn’t that bleak after all.

Kapit lang because words of encouragement work wonders. The pandemic has taken a toll not only on our physical health but on our mental health as well. Even the most stoic of personalities could break under the combined weight of long-term isolation, endless bad news, and a general sense of uncertainty about the future. So let’s make it a habit to ask about our family’s or friend’s state of mind. Sometimes, all it takes to turn a person’s bad mood around are a few reassuring words.

Kapit lang because someone is propping you up. From Sitel Baguio’s Virtual Hugs (for “no work, no pay” associates) to Sitel Tarlac’s MAX-ssistance (for “no work, no pay” associates and public school pupils) to Sitel Philippines’ MAX Kapwa (for those affected by the typhoons) last November, we have built a culture of compassion that leaves no one behind. You aren’t going through it alone.

Although this pandemic has forced us to stay apart, we will overcome this by coming together in spirit. Kapit lang! Dahil Kada Pagkakaisa, Kabarkada!

Happy New Year!

Ravi Iyengar
Chief Operating Officer, APAC

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