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August 28, 2020

Dear Sitel Barkada,

In Sitel, we take fun seriously. From theme days to anniversary concerts to fitness programs, we make it a point to not only work hard, but play hard, too. Work pays the bills, but play makes life worth living.

We want fun to be indispensable to every Sitel kabarkada’s life. We also understand that fun requires time. So we are preparing a program that will enable kabarkadas to take better control of their time. It’s called MAX Flexibility, and with it, you get to tailor your work schedule, deciding on your own when to work, go on rest, even have your lunch.

 In fact, we have been doing a pilot run of the program since June with selected associates. Guided by the Workforce Management Team, the 60 associates designed their own schedule for July to September. Midway through the program, responses have been great: 98 percent say creating their own schedules have been a good experience, while 95 percent want to continue with the program.

For participating associates, managing their schedules has given them more time for sleep and more time to spend with their families. With a work schedule that fits their lifestyle, they worry less about tardiness and get to focus on meeting their work targets.

The pilot run has been useful as it has provided us with insights on how to concretely promote work-life balance in Sitel. I believe MAX Flexibility will transform Sitel to better adapt to the so-called New Normal, or a new way of living brought about by the COVID-19 pandemic. As we ready MAX Flexibility for wider implementation, as early as now I am asking you to support this program.

Meanwhile, I also encourage you to join SitelFit (, Sitel’s fitness platform where your performance in sports is converted into points. Sitel has a goal of amassing a total of 10 million points by the end of 2020, the so-called #OneSmallChange Challenge.  We only have a few months left, and we still have a long way to go. So sign up now and make your workout time matter.

A long weekend is coming, so to those who are going on rest: rest fully. Forget about work and don’t feel guilty about it.


Chief Operating Officer, APAC

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