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October 2, 2020

Dear Sitel Barkada,

Of all the celebrations that we hold at Sitel, one occupies a special place in the hearts of the entire Sitel Barkada: the Customer Service Week, which happens on the first week of October. We devote this time to honor you, our associates, our frontliners who put into action our mission of creating positive impact on our customer’s lives.

This year, Customer Service Week undergoes a name-change: we’re now calling it MAX Week, after our premier people program, My Associate Experience (MAX). To my mind, MAX Week better expresses the essence of the occasion as it puts the associate front and center. It’s not just any other week; it’s “my” – the associate’s – week.

We are also celebrating this week the first year of MAX. Launched in October 2019 across all Sitel sites around the world, MAX was created around the idea that happy associates make happy customers. But we refuse to subscribe to the common practice of piling perks after perks on associates. We wanted to give you something deeper. We wanted to empower you.

To empower you means that your opinions and actions effect change in the organization. With MAX, we go beyond collecting your opinions to involving you in the design process of projects. Because, who would know better what’s best for them than associates themselves?

We have been proven right in our decision to empower associates with the roster of projects that have come out of MAX. Sitel Group’s new brand message — Create Connection. Value Conversation — is a product of a process that involved more than 1,000 associates from across the globe.  MAX Connect is another project crafted the MAX way: it’s an agent communication platform and is accessible from any device.

MAXperts, MAX Insiders and MAX Sponsors across all sites celebrate Sitel MAX 1st year anniversary

In the Philippines, our MAX teams have also come up with their own projects this past year. Although local in scope, they genuinely address the needs of their participants and reflect their characters. Among them are: Sitel Tarlac’s MAX-ssistance, a fund drive benefitting needy families in Tarlac City, among other recipients; Sitel Baguio’s Virtual Hugs, another fund drive for “no work no pay” associates; and Sitel Eton’s New Normal Social Media Contest, which promoted safety practices through photos and videos.

Looking back at the past year, I realize that we couldn’t have chosen a better time to launch MAX. Who knew that five months after, the world would drastically change? Now more than ever, your participation in how things are done in Sitel matters as we navigate the New Normal.

MAX Week is your week. Make the most of it.

For a complete schedule of activities, please go here:

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