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September 14, 2020


Dear Sitel Barkada, 


Athletes practice something called “self-talk”.  Here, the athlete literally tells herself statements as a way to mentally prepare for an upcoming game. She tells herself something like, “I can do it” or “This should be easy; I’ve done this many times before.” The principle behind it is that the statement can influence the athlete’s performance – and it does, as decades of research on self-talk has shown. 


In my mind, brand messages serve like self-talk. More than conveying the business’ promise to its customers, brand messages are reminders to employees what the business’ ultimate goal is, giving clarity in moments of doubt. In the same way that self-talk changes based on the athlete’s situation, a brand message is constantly refined.


Today, we launch Sitel Group’s new brand message: Create Connection. Value Conversation. The search for a new brand message took almost a year, beginning late 2019. But we are confident that it resonates to most Sitel Group associates, regardless of which country they come from, as the process involved you, associates. More than 1,000 Sitel kabarkadas from across the globe participated in the project through a survey, a card-sorting exercise and several workshops. The result is a precise statement that captures what Sitel is all about: an enterprise that connects people through creative solutions, adding value to our client’s businesses.


Of course, self-talk is nothing without practice. An athlete cannot become a champion without putting in hours of practice and using the right equipment. Similarly, along with a new brand message, we’ve also redesigned our tools to enable us make good on our promise to our clients and help associates deliver their best work. 


Introducing EXP+™

Our new EXP+TM, Sitel Group’s Enterprise Experience Platform, is a flexible solution with complete cloud capability, designed to simplify the delivery of end-to-end customer experience (CX) services while boosting efficiency, effectiveness and customer satisfaction. EXP+ creates a robust ecosystem around our clients’ individual business needs by harnessing the power of four connected product families. Within this ecosystem, elements work together seamlessly, creating more efficiency and greater business value while driving continuous improvement across their CX delivery.


Finally, EXP+ is your platform. It was shaped around your experiences in handling technologies, including your challenges and supports us in delivering best-in-class CX. So own it. We hope that with it, you get to achieve your personal best.


Join us in celebrating this milestone today by sharing Sitel Group’s new story on your social media channels with #SitelMAX and the attached image.





Chief Operating Officer, APAC

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