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Sitel® Puerto Princesa Leaders (Top L-R) Bea Palatino, Employee Relations Specialist; Jerome Rubico, Senior Learning Manager and (Bottom L-R) Errol Marcelino, Senior Operations Manager; Anton Sanchez, Director of Operations, shared key insights into successful leadership during Western Philippines University’s Student Week Celebration 2021

MANILA – May 28, 2021, Sitel® recently partnered with Western Philippines University (WPU) in Palawan to provide a series of essential leadership training workshops and seminars. The event was held in tandem with the university’s Student Week Celebration.

The partnership between Sitel® Philippines and WPU through the Sitel Academy University and Community Partnerships was coordinated with the WPU Federation of Supreme Student Councils and spearheaded by the WPU Main Supreme Student Council. The Leadership 101 online seminars and workshops took place of a series of several days and were attended by WPU students alongside the various Federation of Student Councils across all WPU campuses in Palawan.

“Partnerships with our local universities are important to Sitel as part of our mission of helping better prepare students for the job industry after graduation,” shared Fatima Tigas, Director, Strategic People Program. “Through these events and collaborations, we can provide students a clearer picture of the skills that are high in demand in the workplace today and help equip them when starting their career journey.”

The Sitel Academy program has continued making impactful partnerships with learning institutions in Metro Manila and the provinces where Sitel operates. Guided by the company’s employee promise of “Learn, Lead & Grow with the Sitel Barkada”, Sitel Academy strives to bring Sitel Group’s brand of world-class training to as many students in the country as possible. Since 2020 the company has expanded to online training and virtual internship opportunities in light of the global pandemic.

For the WPU leadership 101 series, Sitel professionals presented workshops focused on effective leadership in the workplace. Topics were ‘Creating Fun at Work: Engagement’ by Bea Palatino, ‘Work-Life Balance’ by Jerome Rubico, ‘Time Management’ by Errol Marcelino, and ‘Creating Executive Presence’ by Anton Sanchez. The digital sessions were held via Zoom for over two hours.

“We were thrilled to be able to discuss important leadership topics with WPU students,” shared Anton Sanchez, Director of Operations, Sitel Palawan. “We provided an essential look into what it means to be an effective leader in today’s professional arena. With these skills-building sessions, we are helping build the great leaders of tomorrow. Times are changing and challenges can emerge at any time. To be an effective leader, you must be able to respond to these challenges with intellect, strategy, and skill. New graduates often struggle to adapt to unexpected challenges. This program teaches them the critical skills and strategies they need to look at challenges from a different perspective and can bring clarity to a tough situation while fostering wisdom and self-confidence.”



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