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The last five months have seen many changes happening on the way Sitel presents itself to the world, especially to one of our main publics, our job applicants. In June, we launched the Candidate Engagement Platform, powered by Harver, which automates the applicant screening process. On September, we rolled out our new brand message, “Create Connection. Value Conversation,” replacing the previous “Empower humans. Enhance brands.” Today, we are debuting another external marketing initiative, our new Employee Value Proposition (EVP).

The Employee Value Proposition and Brand (Recruitment) Promise

The EVP is a set of values and benefits a company can offer to employees. What a brand promise seeks to articulate is the answer to applicants and employees’ question, “What’s in it for me?” “Learn, Lead & Grow” eloquently answers that, providing a snapshot of the great experience that awaits anyone who choose to be part of the Sitel Barkada.

Like the brand message, the promise is a product of process that involved our associates. In August, we conducted a survey that allowed associates to choose which statement best expresses Sitel’s people-centric culture. “Learn, Lead & Grow” is the top choice among the more than 5,000 Sitel associates from 23 countries.

The Five EVP Pillars

The EVP is composed of five pillars, or the clusters of benefits Sitel offers associates. These are: Growth, Culture, Community, Rewards, and MAX (My Associate Experience). Each pillar comes with a slogan that succinctly express what each is all about (You grow as you go; Be bold, be you; We work together to make an impact; Gain stability, expand possibilities; MAXimize your experience).

To better connect with Filipino kabarkadas, we have localized them, with the word “barkada” as the motif.  Choosing barkada was an easy choice. No other local concept best expresses the warm and supportive culture at Sitel than barkada, which translates to “a close-knit group of friends”. Trivia: barkada comes from the Spanish word barcada, meaning “shipload”.  When an applicant becomes a Sitel associate, he or she becomes “in the same boat” as other Sitel employees.

KADA HAKBANG, KABARKADA (A Kabarkada in every step)


We invest in you, with internal programs, training and initiatives to develop your skills and help you reach your goals. We promote from within. We provide you with the tools, skills and resources to develop, both professionally and personally. You choose where you want to go; we help you get there.


KADA PAGKAKAIBA, KABARKADA (A kabarkada for every difference )


#SitelLife represents our commitment to our people -to YOU. It’s about coming exactly as you are. We empower everyone to live their truth, be themselves and use their voice -and we give them a platform to do so.


KADA PAGKAKAISA, KABARKADA (A kabarkada in every moment of unity)


We strive to make the world a better place and empower others to do the same. We are mission-driven -and we leverage the power of our people to make a positive impact in the communities in which we live and work.


KADA TAGUMPAY, KABARKADA (A kabarkada for every success)


We celebrate successes and reward our people for the hard work they do every day. We offer benefits to keep you healthy and happy, such as paid time off, and referral bonuses. Plus, fun perks like employee discounts, XX and XX!


KADA INTERES, KABARKADA (A kabarka for every interest)


We value open, honest and constructive conversation. We encourage you to speak up -and we listen when you do. Through MAX, our global community, we leverage our people’s innovative ideas, experiences and feedback to shape and drive the future of Sitel Group.


Spread the word and share the wealth! Let your family and friends know about the great culture we have here at Sitel by going here. Then, if they have made up their minds to become a part of the Sitel Barkada, make them join here.

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