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From contact center to full suite of customer experience services

In a rapidly evolving customer care industry, no single solution fits every client’s needs. Enhancing customer experiences often requires a combination of several capabilities – from business process outsourcing to training and management to digital CX. This is why Sitel has combined the very best customer service capabilities into one integrated customer care group.

Sitel Group is a global leader in customer experience (CX) and innovative customer care solutions. We combine over 30 years of industry-leading experience with comprehensive care capabilities and unparalleled digital training and technology expertise to help improve customer satisfaction and brand loyalty of over 400 clients across a variety of verticals. As a CX platform, we are powered by experts to deliver tailored solutions to fit our clients’ needs through our consultative, customer-centric approach.

Sitel in the Philippines

In the Philippines, where Sitel has been a significant contributor to the country’s contact center industry, we have grown by leaps and bounds since entering the market over 19 years ago. Back then we were one of the early entrants in the Philippines’ then nascent business process outsourcing industry. Sitel Philippines has developed significantly throughout the years, first growing and strengthening the business in Metro Manila followed by expanding into the rural countryside and developing greenfield locations. Today, Sitel in the region operates from 14 sites around the country and employs more than 22,000 associates.

As our operations and talent pool have grown in the Philippines, so has our depth and breadth of services. Part of our growth plan is to continue innovating and expanding our expertise. The customer experience industry is changing at a rapid clip and we must evolve and grow with it. With that in mind, Sitel Philippines has worked on diversifying our offerings and our client pool.

Expanding Service Offerings

We believe in consistently innovating and over the past few years, Sitel has grown to go beyond traditional business process outsourcing (BPO) to a full service center that is more digital and connected. We have strengthened our capabilities and grown our company ecosystem by partnering with experts including Learning Tribes, Novagile, Sitel Insights, and The Social Client (TSC).

This has allowed Sitel to build upon our BPO legacy and evolve to support every stage of the customer journey with a full portfolio of CX services from BPO to Digital CX, Consulting and Analytics, Technology and Innovation, and Training and Management. We’re redefining contact centers and improving business results with solutions that combine automation and digital with the human touch, emotion, and empathy of our highly skilled people.

Constant innovation has become a rallying cry for Sitel Philippines and for all CX providers and the BPO sector has grown significantly because of it. In line with this, upskilling of talent is key to constantly keeping associates ready and prepared for more complex processes, services, and partnerships.

Sitel is helping redefine the customer experience industry in the Philippines through constantly pushing the envelope and providing comprehensive end-to-end service capabilities partnered with unparalleled digital, training, and technological expertise. We empower our people to work with our clients in a wide range to ways to enhance their brands, build brand loyalty, and significantly improve customer satisfaction.

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