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Sitel Princesa’s VP for Operations Eden Gutierrez during the plenary with the Puerto Princesa City officials

Since the Enhanced Community Quarantine in March, Sitel Princesa, a greenfield location for global business process outsourcing firm Sitel in the Philippines, has been focused on ensuring the safety of its associates, launching work-from-home solutions and technologies, offering jobs to workers displaced by the pandemic, providing revenue to local businesses, and donating to those most in need in the community. Through their combined efforts, the company has pumped up P16.7M to the local economy.

“During these difficult times, Sitel is committed to doing what we can to help our associates and the community,” said Eden Gutierrez, Vice President of Operations, Sitel Princesa. “We have always been an active partner in Puerto Princesa and we are committed to continuing to help uplift the economy by providing jobs and training, supporting local businesses, and donating to those in need.”

In a special plenary headed by Gutierrez, Puerto Princesa city and tourism officials were invited to hear about the different initiatives Sitel has launched in response to COVID-19. These efforts began in March when new safety protocols were immediately implemented, including regular disinfecting and rigorous cleaning of the sites.

Sitel partnered with local businesses to provide meals and accommodations for associates working on-site. For remote associates, they deployed equipment such as computers and headsets as part of the Sitel at Home solution, the company’s virtual agent network.

Sitel has also doubled down on its commitment to helping boost the local economy. To this end, Sitel Princesa has placed a keen focus on ramping up the business to provide more jobs. Two Sitel MAXhubs with capacity for up to 1,000 associates have been launched, allowing the company to increase business partnerships and ramp up headcount.

VP Eden with Sitel Princesa leaders during the launch of the very first MAXhub in Palawan

Also, to help tourism workers displaced by the pandemic, the BPO is providing over 1,000 jobs to hospitality professionals in the area.

But Sitel did not only focus on business operations. Amidst business continuity efforts during the pandemic, the company did not halt community-building efforts. Sitel has been regularly providing meals to frontline workers and community kitchens in various barangays. They’ve partnered with the Puerto Princesa Underground River Foundation to assist community-based tourism families and helped deliver relief goods to members of the LGBTQ community who lost their job during the quarantine.

In addition, the BPO provider has also offered monetary and relief assistance to families affected by the fire that displaced over 160 families in Puerto Princesa in April 2020.

“We all need to work together now to ensure our people are safe and our economy recovers,” Gutierrez said. “We made a promise once that working at Sitel Princesa is like working in paradise,” she added. “Well, that would not be possible without the passion of our leaders, close collaboration with LGUs, and genuine partnerships with the community. Through our combined efforts we can keep that promise and help Puerto Princesa, rise, and thrive again.”

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