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SitelFit has partnered with UNICEF in the ‘Step Forward, Give Back Challenge’ where proceeds will help children around the world. (Photo courtesy: UNICEF Philippines)

Twelve days into August, Sitel Group has reached its goal of gaining 1 million United Heroes points for its Step Forward, Give, Back Challenge, a fund-raising drive benefiting the United Nations Children’s Fund.

This means Sitel will fufill its pledge of donating $15,000 to UNICEF. When it launched the challenge on August, Sitel set three goals: donating $5,000 when 250,000 points are reached; $10,000 for 500,000 points; $15,000 for 1 million points.

To participate in the challenge, a Sitel employee must register at the, connect a sports tracking app to the United-Heroes-powered platform, and do a preferred sport. The employee’s progress – miles covered, repetitions done, etc. — is then assigned certain number points by the United Heroes app, which are then added to the group’s score.

More than 9,200 employees participated in the challenge. The 1 million points is a significant addition to the 10 million points that is Sitel’s goal for the 2020, called the #OneSmallChange Challenge.

The Sitelfit program was launched in 2018 to foster a sense of community among Sitel’s 70,000 employees from 200 countries.

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