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July 10, 2020

Dear Sitel Barkada,

Eminent scientist Isaac Newton was still a college student when the Great Plague of London struck England in 1665. The plague forced universities to send students to their homes, including Newton. Confined at his family’s manor, he got to work on theories he had been thinking about a lot, including those on early calculus, optics, and of course, universal gravitation. What started out as “annus horribilis”, horrible year, turned out to be “annus mirabilis”, or year of wonder.

Calculus, optics, universal gravitation. These are ideas on which modern life is built upon — and they were born during a dark time.

Like Newton, I urge you to put to good use the frequent solitude brought about by restrictions in people’s movement. Next week, the Learning and Development Team is launching EC Bites, short courses designed for coaches and up. Course offerings for July revolves around the theme of productivity while working remotely, and include courses on time management, communication, and team-building. True to its name, the courses will not take so much of your time, lasting from six to 14 minutes.

For now, EC Bites is available only to all CPM-eligible leaders. But associates and other employees can still take other courses at the Empower Center. They come in various formats (e-book, video, article, and podcast) and cover a wide range of topics. Along with customer relations, you will find at Empower Center courses like basic Spanish and introduction to artificial intelligence. Best of all, they’re free.

The Learning and Development Team also conducts free-for-all webinars streamed at the Sitel Philippines’ Facebook page and Microsoft Teams.

Take advantage of these learning resources. On top of taking your mind off difficulties that are beyond your control, learning a new skill brings manifold benefits, from improving your career prospects to gaining a new perspective on life.


Chief Operating Officer, APAC

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