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July 3, 2020

Dear Sitel Barkada,

On June 23, the Department of Health reported 1,150 new COVID-19 infections, the highest number of cases reported in one day in the country so far.

This prompts me to remind you to be more vigilant against COVID-19. Although most places in country are either in General Community Quarantine or Modified General Community Quarantine, where restrictions on people’s movement, transportation, and business operations are more relaxed than those in the previous Enhanced Community Quarantine, we shouldn’t let our guard down.

Across Sitel sites, we have been strictly enforcing measures to protect everyone from COVID-19. But on our own, Sitel management can’t successfully keep the workplace safe. A COVID-19-free Sitel is ultimately a cooperation between management and associates.

The key is to act as if you already have the virus — and you don’t want to pass it on to others. Let me reiterate here some action you must take:


1. Stay at home if you don’t feel well. Get in touch with your coach or supervisor to help you on your next steps.

2. Allow the security guards to get your temperature and fill out the Online Daily Health Check. The information you provide using the form enables Sitel management to monitor your health condition and intervene if necessary.

3. Wear your face mask all the time, anywhere. Those who don’t have their face mask on will not be allowed to enter Sitel premises. These also include smoking areas and shuttles. Take your mask off only if you need to eat or drink.

4. Practice social distancing. Maintain a one meter distance between you and your peers, be it at the elevators, production area, common area, pantry and comfort rooms.

5. Sanitize frequently. Sanitize your hands using the alcohol and sanitizers placed at around the site. At the comfort rooms, wash your hands thoroughly.

6. No sharing of headsets. Coronavirus stays on surfaces for a while so it is wise to avoid borrowing items like headsets.

On top of these, Sitel is also stepping up its safety measures by implementing additional procedures, such as weekly deep cleaning and foot baths for associates. Until a COVID-19 vaccine has been developed, we should make these safety practices a second nature to us.


Chief Operating Officer, APAC

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