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June 26, 2020

Dear Sitel Barkada,

A wave of innovation is happening in Sitel. In the last three months, we’ve launched a roster of digital tools designed to make lives easier for you, our customers and applicants. Some of these are: the Smart Team Communicator, for communication among our Sitel at Home teams; HR Connect/Sitel Intelligent Desktop, for HR-related requests; and the Candidate Engagement Platform, for assessment of applicants.

We’re not about to lose the momentum. This week, we added another important tool in our digital arsenal: the Sitel Academy E-learning Platform. Sitel Academy is our corporate social responsibility arm that offers free pre-employment training to those who want to work in the BPO industry. Since 2007, it has trained more than 23,000, with more than 10,000 of them hired by Sitel.

Like other Sitel departments, Sitel Academy was compelled to conduct their trainings online to cope with the COVID-19 pandemic. With its E-learning Platform now live, Sitel Academy continues its mission of unlocking people’s potential. More people will now get to experience Sitel Academy’s award-winning language, personality development, and industry-readiness lessons.

As much as we welcome the creativity the crisis has inspired on people, we should remain vigilant. This week, we reported the case of the seventh Sitel associate to have tested positive of COVID-19. As a safety measure, we have conducted deep sanitation of the site SPHP7 reports to. We have also began a seven-day contact tracing.

In light of this case, we again ask you to follow the health protocols Sitel implements across its sites, including the Online Daily Health Declaration, temperature checks at entrances, “no face mask, no entry” policy, and social distancing. If you’re experiencing COVID-19 symptoms, please consult a doctor right away, as what SPHP7 did.

Going digital has certainly improved many facets of our lives. But there are still some things that are best done personally, like thanking loyal friends like you. I can’t wait until the day I could do that again. For now, I hope that this message will suffice. Thank you very much and stay safe, kabarkada!

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