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Our Sitel Heroes in action during the pandemic

July 17, 2020

Dear Sitel Barkada,

To say that the pandemic has changed the way we do things is an understatement. After all, we have no choice but to embrace change. But there are times that the way to move forward is to hold on to the old. In Sitel, we have a lot of these “old things” that we aren’t giving up. One of them is the culture of recognizing exemplary work. No hero should go unsung.

Today, we held our town hall with all our Sitel Philippines’ leaders. We did not only report our respective departments’ accomplishments and plans but we also recognized the teams who, without them, these accomplishments wouldn’t have been possible. Although Sitel rising above the pandemic is the work of the entire Sitel Barkada, these are the teams who went beyond and above their call of duty.


  •  The Project Management Team, Sitel’s COVID-19 response workhorse. This team is in-charge of many crucial functions, including playing a very critical role in the delivery of desktops to Sitel at Home agents and the management of shuttle service for agents working in-center.
  •  The Site Facilities Team, who make it sure site operations are running smoothly, providing other teams’ needs, including food.
  • The Asset Management Team, who oversaw the deployment of desktops to Sitel-at-Home agents’ houses.
  • The Site IT Team, who is on stand-by 24/7 to address everyone’s IT concerns and ensure Sitel at Home was implemented successfully.
  •  The HR Operations Team, who helms the on-site triage for agents returning to the sites, ensuring that the workplace remains safe To all the teams we’re recognizing today, please know that you have changed our lives forever. For every PC that gets delivered, you help a family weather the pandemic. For every agent that undergoes triage, many lives are saved. Sitel will always be grateful to you.


Chief Operating Officer, APAC

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