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(L-R) Sitel Palawan kabarkadas Bea Palatino and Marjorie Baclaan met in college and have been inseparable since then. Photo courtesy of Bea Palatino.

Work can be challenging these days. In times when the job demands as Employee Relations Specialist get tougher than usual, Bea Palatino, a kabarkada from Sitel Palawan, copes by doing what she calls a “quick rant then back to reality”: she unloads her complaints at Jums during breaks. Although short, these rant sessions continue on weekends when Bea and Jums hang out.

“Jums” is Bea’s nickname for Marjorie Baclaan, Human Resources Specialist at Sitel Palawan and also Bea’s best friend.

“She’s a constant support system,” said Bea, referring to Marjorie. “It’s more than an advantage to have someone at work who knows me inside and out.”

Bea and Marjorie’s friendship goes way back. They met at the Palawan State University, where they both took up Psychology. For their undergraduate thesis, they worked together as members of the same group.

“We each had a different set of friends in college, but we were able to keep our own friendship,” said Bea.

After graduation, they worked for the same company, a department store. They later left to join Sitel Palawan. Although assigned in different apartments, Bea and Marjorie make time for each other, as the quick rants show.

Marjorie and Bea have made countless memories together, from the saddest to the silliest. Photo courtesy of Bea Palatino.

But their friendship has gone beyond professional, as Bea and Marjorie have become witnesses to each other’s ups and downs. “We have made a lot of memories together, from the saddest (first ‘heart break’) to the silliest and most fun.”

For Bea, the secret to their longstanding friendship boils down to two things: respect and reliability. “We both respect each other and are always there for one another. I can no longer count the moments when she saw me in tears. She is the type of friend who always lend her ears and time; a friend who shares her honest opinions; a friend who is certainly for keeps.”





Today, July 30, we celebrate the International Day of Friendship. This day was designated by the U.N. in 2011 with the idea that friendship between peoples, countries, cultures and individuals can inspire peace efforts and build bridges between communities.

Friendship can make our lives positive, fun and increase our overall wellbeing. Whether you are celebrating or need support during a difficult time, friends are there for you. We know many of you have made lifelong friendships through Sitel Group; as we work together, we encourage friendship, unity and diversity.


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