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Sitel Philippines connects many of the world’s best-known brands with their customers every day through voice, chat, social media, and more. As a prominent customer experience (CX) management leader, Sitel handles the customer experiences of clients across all verticals—from Fortune 500 companies to growing local startups.

Although Sitel is one of several BPO companies based in the Philippines, their dynamic and progressive approach to business are among the differentiators that set them apart from the crowd. Sitel goes beyond business process outsourcing (BPO) to support every stage of the customer journey redefining contact center work and improving business results by pairing innovative solutions—such as self-care and automation—with the human touch, emotion, and empathy.

To help shape and guide Sitel’s high performance, the company lives by a set of core values that help support their vision, shape their culture, and reflect their company’s values. These values showcase the essence of Sitel’s identity and help guide the company’s decisions and processes.

“Our core values humanize our brand and makes it more relatable to both our employees and clients. We recognize that our strength comes from the talented people in our team so it is only fitting that we draw from that force. Our values strongly demonstrate the spirit of Sitel and that is forging relationships through engagement and inclusion while working hand in hand with creativity and innovation,” shares Culture Management Head, Jorelle Robles.

These are the Core Values that guide Sitel’s business:

Be Bold – Innovation and creativity are central to Sitel’s business and many times Sitel associates are called on to think outside-the-box and find new solutions. To do this they are reminded to be bold, stay open-minded and passionate, dare to be different, and do more with less as they strive to achieve excellent outcomes. 

  1. Build Trust – Trust is essential in any business and key in the business of customer relations. Through this value, Sitel associates are encouraged to be authentic in everything they do and to actively engage with clients and one another. They are reminded to communicate honestly and without fear, to take ownership for their actions and ideas, and to lead by example.

Work Together – Sitel’s work entails forging new and meaningful relationships. Through the value of working together, every employee – from management to associate – is encouraged to engage with one another, learn from one another, inspire each other, give back to the community, and leverage on their collective genius. Through this collaboration, strong relationships are formed within the company creating bonds that go beyond the workplace and instilling a feeling of fun and camaraderie amongst teams.

Wow Customers – When it comes to client relations and services, Sitel always aims to over deliver and wow customers with their innovative solutions and stellar business practices. This value reminds Sitel associates to always show empathy towards clients, extensively listen to their needs, and add value to their services by going beyond business transactions and creating truly memorable customer experiences.

These values guide the way each Sitel employee works and how the company, as a whole, conducts business. They are the building blocks of the company’s culture and identity—their principles, philosophies and beliefs—and are essential in educating Sitel’s clients and competitors on what the company is all about. What’s more, these values also serve as a strong guiding force that speaks to how true collaboration and camaraderie is at the heart of Sitel’s business.

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