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Towns of Bato and Guinobatan, Cam Sur, Typhoon Rolly and Ulysses, 101st Search and Rescue Support Group, Inc – Composite

“I wanted to help and make a difference. It may not be as huge as others but for me, saving one life at a time is in itself an accomplishment. They (rescues) don’t even know who we are. To them, we may be just men in orange,” says Jhun on why he volunteers.

Jhun encourages our Sitel Barkada to serve – it may be through small actions, one person, one family at a time, but he believes that the effect, together, makes a huge impact.

“I know life is not easy due to COVID, but it gets tougher when you have no roof over your head, or food in your belly, or a dry blanket. Those little things we can give will make a world of difference to those affected by the recent typhoons.”

Jhun del Ponso has started volunteering in 2009. During Super Typhoon Rolly, Jhun joined in one of the rescue missions where he had to evacuate families while flood was waist-deep and winds were howling at 315km/h. Jhun and his team only had their ropes, guts and each other. They were able to pull out several families.

MAX Kapwa is a Relief Assistance Program for Sitel Kabarkadas who were affected by the calamities brought about by typhoons Rolly and Ulysses.

Jhun del Ponso, Volunteer and Senior Director for Human Resources – Sitel Philippines

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