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(Top L-R) The Barkada Tambayan Summit virtual conference moderated by Sitel Kabarkada Shan Babiera, Senior Program Manager for Leadership Development with the panelists Weena Ekid, Vice President for Corporate & Investment Bank at JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Chairperson of Philippine Financial & Inter-Industry Pride; (Bottom L-R) Sitel Kabarkada Leo Del Castillo, Leadership Development Manager; and Angelie Pamela Cariño, Cordilleran woman leader & Bayanihan Cordillera volunteer.

MANILA – June 23, 2021 – Sitel Group® brought together a panel of LGBTQ+ experts, allies, and volunteers for their recently held Barkada Tambayan Summit. During the digital event, held over video conferencing, the panel discussed the importance of diverse and inclusive practices in the workplace and touched on how allies play an integral role in creating a safe work environment.

The panel was hosted by Shan Babiera, Senior Manager, Sitel Philippines and brought together Pride champions and experts including Weena Ekid, Vice President Strategy and Program Management for JPMorgan Chase & Co. and Chairperson, Philippine Financial Inter-Industry Pride; Angelie Cariño, Volunteer, Bayanihan Cordillera; and Leo del Castillo, Leadership Development Manager and Sitel Barkada Pride Lead, Sitel Philippines.

The discussion was part of Sitel® Baguio’s Pride Month 2021 celebrations and reinforced the organization’s commitment to promoting and pushing diversity and inclusivity in the workplace and providing equal opportunities for all. But beyond just celebrating during Pride Month, Sitel Baguio strives to create programs and initiatives that create a positive impact for lasting change in the company.

“We aren’t just here to have Pride activities for June or for the sake of having activities,” said Leo del Castillo. “We want to create and launch meaningful programs that matter and roll out sustainable initiatives that help cultivate a truly inclusive and equal workplace for all of our Sitel kabarkada.”

The panel, attended by Sitel Baguio’s teams, touched on the significance of intentional programs and innovative policies to promote Diversity and Inclusion. The speakers highlighted the importance of creating allies and shared how continuous audits on D&I programs helped to determine if they were working and how to expand and improve them.

“There are several goalposts when it comes to creating a truly inclusive workplace,” shared Weena Ekid. “Some things that employees want now is an extensive self-ID program. Not only will this allow employees to identify themselves, but it also gives the company an accurate snapshot of their workforce and gives them the ability to create better programs for everyone. Companies must also continue education and SOGIE programs and training. And of course, feedback and focused group discussions are essential in seeing how these programs are doing.”

Angelie Cariño added, “Acceptance of all differences in an organization may sound like it is a given, but we can’t take this for granted because it isn’t always the case. We have to actively push people and create allies among our teams. This ensures that we can all work well together.”



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