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Sitel leverages technology to expand reach of Award-winning near-hire training program during COVID-19

As Sitel navigates the challenging task of people management and business operations during the Enhanced Community Quarantine, the company also continues to find ways to help aspiring Filipino professionals. Alongside people-centric initiatives and business continuity protocols, the top global BPO also renews its efforts of providing learning, development, and upskilling classes through the multi-awarded Sitel Academy program.
Launched over a decade ago, Sitel Academy, a pioneering BPO upskilling program that is offered for free, has evolved into a formidable skills development program for near-hires, far-hires, students, out-of-school youth, and differently-abled individuals.
However, when the global pandemic hit and the quarantine took effect, the instructor-led face-to-face training programs Sitel Academy offered had to be put on hold for several days. “The program was greatly impacted by COVID-19,” shared Fatima Tigas, Senior Manager, Sitel Academy. “But we quickly realized the greater importance that  Sitel Academy could play in these difficult times,   so we quickly transitioned to online learning and became fully virtual.”
Sitel Academy launched its first Learning Management System (LMS) for essential skills building and language enhancement last April 15. This was initially made available to Sitel’s university partners in Northern Luzon and Puerto Princesa, targeting graduating students impacted by the quarantine. The module was easy to comprehend with digital content, instructor-led videos, and more. It was also designed to be efficient and succinct with increased speed to proficiency. These initial virtual training modules had a daily average of 45 new enrollees and over 900 active learners to date.
A webinar was then rolled out for graduating students from the State Universities and for DICT students. Facilitators combined Facebook Live sessions with Zoom virtual classes for hundreds of attendees.
Sitel Academy also partnered with another Sitel Group venture company, Learning Tribes,  to enhance and redefine the learning experience through Triboo. Triboo is a learning experience platform that supports the creation and delivery of unique state-of-the-art training programs. Sitel Academy designed several learning modules covering communication skills, soft skills, and BPO customer service skills. These programs are open to Sitel’s academic partners in the country. The system allows users to take an active role in their learning journey by choosing their modules and tracking their progress from start to finish.
“We look forward to an explosive expansion of Sitel Academy through our partnership with Triboo Learning Experience,” Tigas shared. “The platform will enable virtual training for countless graduating students and our innovative learning solutions are responsive to the current and future labor skills demanded by the industry, giving students all the skills they need to pursue a successful customer experience career.”
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