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July 24, 2020

Dear Sitel Barkada,

The pandemic has given all of us in Sitel challenges we have to surmount. Some teams have to go above and beyond their usual responsibilities, and we owe to them the stable place that Sitel finds itself now. Last week, I shared to you these teams, our Sitel Heroes Squad.

In today’s message, I want to highlight the initiatives – #SitelHeroActs – acts that significantly contributed to Sitel’s pandemic response.

Sitel-at-Home Deployment. Until the quarantine, Sitel Philippines has never had a work-from-home program. Since we’ve never done this before, launching it felt like building a business from the ground-up. How we made it happen was largely due to the tenacity and quick thinking of all the teams involved in the project.

In-Center Back-to- Business. Mid-May, we started our Balik-Sitel Return-to-Site Program. Bringing back our agents to the sites involved as many moving parts as setting up Sitel-at-Home: clinical triage, food supply, sanitation, etc. From the HR to Facilities to IT, our comeback was the handiwork of numerous kabarkadas working behind the scenes.

Community Assistance and Support. We have always said that Sitel is all about making an impact, not only in our customers’ and associates’ lives, but also in the lives of the people living in the communities we operate in. We didn’t forget that mission even during the quarantine. Sitel Baguio held Virtual Hugs, a fund-raising campaign for our “no work, no pay” kabarkadas, while Sitel Tarlac mounted Sitel Smiles, a campaign to boost associates’ morale. Across all sites, all teams reached out to their respective communities, holding feeding programs and donating relief goods to communities and local government units.

Sitel Maxhubs Creation. Although the general mood these days is to “keep to yourselves,” we do the opposite. We go down to communities and bring the workplace closer to associates through Sitel MAXhubs, which are facilities smaller than, but with the capabilities of, a usual bigger Sitel site. To date, we have opened 10 MAXhubs across Luzon, which speaks volumes about how adaptable our business is to varied environments.

Sitel Fleet Management Operations. As the public transportation remains a challenge in Luzon, our free shuttles prove to be a crucial service for our associates. Operating a micro-transportation service isn’t a BPO company’s cup of tea, so for the Fleet Management Team to keep it running for four months is a feat worth recognizing.

I am cautious about conferring status titles like “hero” to people. But having seen what you’ve accomplished, I have no doubt in mind that you deserve to be called as such. It is impossible to single out the individuals and teams behind these acts, but if you have been part of these initiatives, you are all heroes.

Chief Operating Officer, APAC

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